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Home » Site News » Guide for Gridania of FFXIV

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Gridania is at one with nature in the east which are bushwhacked boondocks await adventures. Beneath the balmy shade of the forest's canopy. Finding a balance to ward off the Greenwrath, The Black Shroud serves as a natural fortification, despite it containing a surplus of dangers for those not prepared to take arms against that which lays inwait. Over the river a through the woods, to Gridania you've come. You'll find yourself just beyond the gates of the arboreal haven after the opening cutscenes.

You need to take some time to speak with some of the NPCs hanging around. When you're ready to move forward, speak with Lonsygg. Guild halls are valuable for both resources and information. Make sure to check with these guilds marked on the map first if you're looking to start a new class. Gridania is home to a Archer's, Carpenter's, Lancer's, Leatherworker's, Conjurer's and Botanist's Guilds. Be sure to check out these guild halls for all your class needs in FFXIV.

There is a plethora of non-player characters living in Gridania. What follows are some of the more notable of those characters to help you in getting started. Quest-related and Guldleve NPCs will typically be your starting point for some of the major quests while the vendors are a good place to check should you be looking for arms or tools for other classes.

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