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What is forgiveness? Mark Twain said: "Violet leaves its aroma on the ankle Mabinogi Gold that tramples it, this is forgiveness." If a person can forgive people who make unconscious mistakes, he just light sprinkles the earth; if he chooses to hate, he just spends the rest of his life in the dark. When Edison invented the first electric light, he let his students to do experiment, but he broke the electric light, the student was very ashamed. However, when Edison invented the second electric light, he also let this student to do experiment, a lot of people stopped him at that time, but he said: "The biggest forgiveness is to give him a chance." Indeed, forgive others is liberate ourselves. If you choose to forgive, then your mind will be liberated. If you hate someone deeply, you will remember each other’s name, and then your heart will be extremely depressed, and you are thinking about how to revenge. On the contrary, if you choose to give up hatred and forgive each other, perhaps, you will be trusted friends. Forgiveness is a kind of self-cultivation, and it is a kind of virtue. Forgiveness is not timid and overcautious, but all rivers run into sea generosity. Excuse oneself easily, that is not forgiveness but weakness. forgive itself is a kind of knowledge. Learn to forgive is kind to ourselves.

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