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Leveling up a defensive warrior is really slow by soloing. Therefore, accept any party invitation that comes from someone who has Aloe. But don't think that they would want to party you. They all need you at TWs; you are their shield, castle wall on TWs. Therefore they need higher level defensive warrior a lot. But they generally do not think of helping you leveling fast. And a quest offers them more experience points. Nearly twice as much as when you are in a party with 2 persons. Metin2 Yang players need to be patient to be a defensive warrior. If you feel that you are not that kind of patient person, try other classes; don't go further with leveling your warrior. For example: your defensive warrior char was completing one turn of level 43 quest in one and half an hour, but your priest char completes there in 14 to 15 minutes. There is a huge gap between the competition times of them.

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