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Some people say that the soldier lack of control skills, there is no advantage in the PK. Indeed, the soldiers lack of control skills, but soldiers need the control skills? If soldiers own the control skills, they also called the soldiers?
Soldiers do not need the control skills; the soldiers need is a strong physical output. Talk to the physical output, will have to talk about the attack skills.
Said offensive skills, will have to talk about attacks on property, ghosts, is the most I have seen chaotic game. Just say the soldiers, 25 to increase the skills of wild roar crit rate, 70 level skills increase in the sacred pool blow, 45 suits and 75 soul lucky strikes set to increase.
Actually there is such a game all-around setting, no wonder the soldiers as "killed." Some would say that this is not very good fighters, attack the whole property.
First remove the charge skills, the soldiers do not need the control skills, you need the pleasure of killing, over 10 levels weapons to attack can increase the limit 10% --- 20%. They can buy EVE online isk to get the equipments.
25 battle roar, full level of 100 points to improve his comrades attack. 40 divided, full of PK is a very practical level skills, but seems 60% look comfortable than 57%, an increase of 3 percentage points.
Concluded that people might not care about the soldiers weapons modeling, I just choose soldiers because of this.
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