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We know that Temps are just fine for PVP in Aion. Unless its ground pvp, glade aoe are completely useless but need online Star Wars Galaxies credits.
Temp is a fun class for those who like s/b. Glade can tank, but do so in a different manner as they depend heavily on dps to hold aggro. Temps have more taunts to help in the omg noes situations that will invariably occur if you pug. Glad are good in aoe friendly situations.
Temps also have lot skills that will keep them alive when things go south and the Bodyguard stigma will make your friends happy when they are the first targets in pvp battles.
There are a lot of really bad tanks out there and your sorc friend will get toasted when one fails to keep aggro on a ccd target. If you decide to tank as a glad, expect that some idiots will want their templar friend to tank, because it is the tank class.
It is true that Templers are not great in pvp. Crafting is a time sink and many recommend justing ignoring it unless you do alchemy. If you want to choose between armor crafting and weapon crafting, then go armor as it applies to more slots on your character. In your mid-40s you will get the Betonis orange weapon from a quest, which is decent as a weapon at higher levels.
Templers are definitely more durable in pvp than glade, since they have a handful of skills that mitigate pvp damage, such as emp armour and seal of protection. In PvE, Templers have pretty crazy spike bursts but generally they have lower dps than glade in exchange for more aggro building skills and a chunk of heals.
Templers also have faster pulls than glads and are not as weighed down by the whole aerial pvp thing because of divine justice, magic smash and inescapable judgment.
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