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Once your guild is up and running the following tasks are things that you should consider performing to better organize your guild. A number of Aion Gold these steps are optional but all are recommended. Each step is explained, in more detail, in the sections following this checklist.
Create your ranks within the guild interface in game and assign guild privileges to them. There are a number of privileges that WoW allows you to assign. You can assign as many or as few of them to each rank as you wish.
Promote your friends and guild-mates to the ranks you wish to them to have. Initially all people who signed your charter are classified as “members”. Once you have setup your ranks you may wish to promote some to officers or demote them to ranks you recently setup.
Invite to the guild the rest of your members. If you guild is larger than the original 10 people, you will need to invite them to join. You may have secondary chars that need adding and you will likely recruit new members over time.
Consider saving for and purchasing a guild tabard. These cost 10 gold to create a guild design for one and are designed by the guild-master and then purchased by members. They are a status symbol early in the game but are also a way to easily recognize your guild-mates
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