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Classes that can slow the Atlantica Gold strider should do so while it is being kited. Curse of Exhaustion, Flame Shock, Frost Bolts, Serpent Sting and Slow are just some of the examples of the spells that can be used.
Do not use Frost Novas or Nether-weave Nets since these can create problems since the Strider will run through the middle of the platform or cut corners if the kiter continues to move.
When Coil-fang Elites spawn, they need to be engaged by tanks immediately and moved to the inner circle. Ranged damage dealers can start damaging the mob as soon as the tank has aggro while the melee damage dealers in the inner circle must wait until the mob is properly positioned.
If there is a hunter in this spot, the hunter can assist the tanks by using Misdirect on the elites if they spawn next to healers. Two to three healers stay in the inner circle, focusing on the melee and tanks. Every 45 seconds, new elite spawns.
Tainted elementals spawn every 50 seconds in place of an enchanted elemental. They can spawn in any direction. It does not move and shoots poison bolts at a target, which does an initial burst of 3,000 nature damage points and a DoT that does 2,000 damage points every 2 seconds.
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