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Home » Site News » The Dirty Deeds make you a faster killer

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Dirty Deeds (4/5) - Only useful with 2 points invested but dang, it is useful. In PvP this really shines, as you’re strapped for Aion Power leveling Energy and you will more than likely open with Cheap Shot. In group PvE it’s less apparent than while in solo PvE. An extra 20 Energy saves you 2 seconds of waiting for Energy. It makes you a faster killer.
Hemorrhage (4/5) - When you buy the accompanying skills, this talent becomes very nice indeed. In a group, you’re looking at least 210 more base damage in 30 seconds or less. In a group, 30 physical hits will happen in about 8 seconds.
In a raid, 30 hits happen in about 1 second. Solo, you can get 30 physical hits in about 15 seconds. Might not seem like much, but if you look at it as if you had a +7 enchantment to your weapon and the difference that makes, you can really see the benefit of this talent. This is not a very efficient PvE talent and should be used for energy management in PvP.
Master of Subtlety (4/5) - Attackes breaking stealth and for 6s after cause 10% more damage. This is very similar to the Find Weakness talent but affects all damage you do. Really shines in PvP where you can 2-shot a cloth class with the damage bonus.
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